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Each spring a remarkable transformation overtakes the Mountain West. As the long winter gives way to the first signs of spring, the snowfields begin to recede, breathing fresh life into the surrounding rivers, lakes and creeks. To the outdoor enthusiast and the causal recreationalist alike, this perennial thaw is something of an invitation back into the wilds after an icy hiatus. And to none does it call more clearly than to those with a rod, a reel and fly box.



Vast watersheds and an abundance of native swimmers make Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado the envy of the world’s fly-fishing community. Each year, anglers from around the globe flocks to these local waters, which now support a multi-million-dollar industry.


The growing popularity has increased traffic on many of the region’s rivers, reemphasizing the need for prudent environmental management. But one of the blessings to such rolling expanse is that plenty of waters remain largely undiscovered. As many locals in any number of small towns will tell you, follow a dirt road around here long enough and you are sure to find an untouched river, creek or lake glinting with native salmonids.

Sheridan, Wyoming

From mountain streams to glorious lakes, fishing around Sheridan, WY is plentiful. This beautiful country is home to trophy size trout in the cold waters in the Bighorn Mountains to Northern Pike in the Tongue River Reservoir. Get expert advice from local fly shops including Fly Shop of the Bighorns and Rock Creek Anglers.